Orlando ballet studio now using online learning


Article from MyFoxOrlando.com:

In a ballet studio near Downtown Orlando, they’re giving new meaning to the term “modern dance.”

The techniques are ones you’d expect, but the students are not. 

Because not all of them are in the room.  

The class put on by the Interactive Academy of Performing Arts—or IAPA—uses modern technology to allow some of the students to learn online.  

“I’m in Tampa. I’m actually in my dining room.  I moved the table aside,” Francesca Perrone-Britt tells FOX 35 via web cam.  

Instructors like Ellie Potts Barrett guide students from miles away.  

“You really see them.  And it’s outrageous to be able to say that’s the way you do it,” Barrett said.  

Barrett regularly directs her attention to a monitor with multiple windows, which allow her to see multiple students.  

She can talk to them and they can talk back.  

IAPA was founded in November.  

The mission: give people of all ages a chance to study performing arts no matter where they are in the world.  

“Start dancing, start acting, start singing, start playing an instrument.  There’s no excuse now!” said Ricardo Canchola.  


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