Public universities face funding, academic challenges


Article from Dayton Daily News:

By Meagan Pant, Staff Writer Updated 6:44 AM Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The presidents of Ohio’s 14 public universities are developing a “progressive agenda” to address funding and academic challenges facing higher education with an innovative spirit instead of fear, according to Wright State University President David Hopkins.

University presidents have identified eight “vulnerabilities and opportunities” — from the perception of student debt to the future of online education — at their annual meeting held earlier this month through the Inter-University Council of Ohio.

The issues will be examined ahead of Ohio’s planning process for the 2014-15 state budget.

The presidents’ discussion looked forward at ways to reform so the state university system can serve more students, serve them at a lower cost and get more of them to graduate on time, said Bruce Johnson, council president.

“It’s thriving in difficult times, meeting our obligation to our students even though resources are being cut pretty dramatically, and kind of viewing that as an opportunity rather than w………..

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