Online degrees find acceptance as universities jump onto the bandwagon


Article from San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
For most students, waking up at 7 a.m., packing books and supplies, and making the trek to the classroom is a daily ritual that comes with the territory of going to college.

For students of Professor Brooke Howland’s USC courses, their educational routines call for something different.

Howland, an online teacher at USC, doesn’t meet her students in a classroom, but through a video chat.

Her students don’t deal with campus parking, drive from a sorority house or get assigned a seat. Some students even wake up in the wee hours of the morning, turn on their computer and go to class from an international locale across the globe.

Online degree programs at various universities – including a new online university at Azusa Pacific University – have attracted a new style of teacher and learner who often need more personal determination, can be anywhere, and have a relationship with technology that didn’t exist for previous generations.

“It looks like the `Brady Bunch’ where everyone is in their own little box,” Howland said. “In terms of dialogue, the collaboration that is happening, there really isn’t something we can’t do that you would be able to do in a br………..
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