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Returning to school requires a lot of decision making. Choosing a degree to pursue, lining up finances and picking a university that will give you the proper training and knowledge you’ll need to turn that degree into a career can make those decisions very difficult.

Many educational opportunities can provide you with degree options. But you may want to investigate if an online university is the best option for you. Here are the top five reasons to choose an online education:

1. You can schedule your schooling for when you have time to handle the work. If you have a full time job – or responsibilities that don’t allow you to participate in an educational setting during regular working hours – signing up for online education through an accredited online university like American InterContinental University will allow you to schedule your classes, homework and projects for when you have the time to dedicate to your schooling.

2. Learn in the comfort of your own home – or favorite coffee shop, library, outside in the park under a tree, etc. If you’re enrolled in an
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