Texas universities lower cost of degree with online education


Article from Education Today:

On February 28 of this year, Austin, Texas governor Rick Perry gave a public speech challenging local universities to create a bachelor’s degree that could be earned by students at the cost of $ 10,000 or less.

Perry declared that such a cost-effective degree — one that reduces the cost of a Texas education by two-thirds — would be the beginning of a complete makeover of the current state university education model, paying schools based on graduates rather than the current system, which schools based on a tiered system of enrollment.

At the time, the idea caused Texas educators and administrators to snicker, as the average cost of a bachelor’s degree is currently $ 26,584, but now universities are rapidly rising to the challenge.

State commissioner of higher education Raymund Paredes said the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is working “aggressively” to make the goal a reality, by utilizing modern technology and increasing the prevalence of online courses.

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